Practice Makes Progress: Phonetic Car Sounds

Practice makes progress is a lettering project I created after a long day of scrapping cars and dealing with other car related things. Something I do love, but it makes for a long day.

 I spent the evening curled up in the lazy boy playing with Autodesk's sketchbook. I've been using the app for experiments and sketching in general on my Surface Pro 4. 

car sounds.jpg

The result sparked an idea. The idea is to take a theme and letter words associated with it. 
This one is phonetic sounds cars make. Ultimately some of my favourite sounds! 

I especially loved "vrooom"... it reminded me of comic lettering with the inky clouds around it. 
So, here's to lettering and calligraphy experiments! 

That's all for now!

New Work: Travel Southern Oregon

Client: Travel Southern Oregon
Project: 17 Illustrations


In the month of August I was contacted by the wonderful folks at Travel Southern Oregon to create 17 illustrations as an extension of their new branding. Sneak a peak at the sketches and finished projects below!

The original sketches and ideas I had were much more detailed. In the end we went for a simple, doodle-style version, which was surprisingly hard for me. The challenging part was finding a balance between too much and too little detail. In the end I was so happy with the project!  

The final 17 illustrations. 

The final 17 illustrations. 

I always knew as a designer that I liked branding. This project was a great representation of what you can accomplish with branding, even after the initial logo. I loved it, and I hope to work on more projects like this. 

Work: The Candies Series by James Patterson

In later 2016 I was contacted by Tracy Shaw, an Art Director at Jimmy Books, a division of Hachette Book Group to created title designs for a Series of Books by James Patterson.
This was my first BIG freelance lettering project.

The process was smooth, the team was wonderful to work with, and I owe it to them for taking a chance on me. The internal illustrations (which I absolutely love) were done by Andy Elkerton, of Shannon Associates.

Below are the covers, which you can also view in my portfolio.
This will be updated as more books are released, but in the meantime, you can pre-order them on