Ashley has been working as a Designer since 2014. After years of remote freelance publishing projects and in-house design work, she took the leap to fulltime freelancing in 2017.

After years stuck at a desk, Ashley found hand lettering as an outlet to get her hands dirty once again. Since 2016, she has been working commercially, producing work for clients such as Hachette Books and James Patterson. Not forgetting the local and small businesses she knows and loves.

Ashley creates all her work by hand, continuing the tradition of hand lettering with a twist of her own. Whether the project is for a business or an event, she loves working with others who are just as passionate about their craft.

While she loves to create beautiful imagery with chalk, she is not limited to it. She also works with pen & ink, and even sometimes all digitally.

Her roots of being a Designer reside in Branding & Identity projects. (See Design Page)
Ashley has branded & refreshed brands for companies around the world. She commonly works with brands seeking a clean, yet personal aesthetic.

When Ashley isn't drawing letters or designing brands she can be found admiring nineties Japanese cards, playing with her dogs, drinking black coffee or squishing her 6ft self into a small space while sketching.

Ashley lives in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.
She spends her weekends in and around the GTA. Want to chat? Lets grab some coffee!




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Ashley Santoro


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Little, Brown & Company,
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