Have you ever looked at a sign on a store front and thought "hey.. thats cool" and gone in and bought a t-shirt with that very design on it? Well you my friend, have been affected by design and you didn't even know it.

I'm not here to give you an inspirational quote about how design changes lives, or can find a way to cure diseases... but it can be the backbone to an event that is trying to find a way to change lives. A well branded project means a greater response. The brain and eyes are far more likely to pay attention to a visual image than just text. Plain text is boring, and you don't want that to represent you! That is where I can help. 

If you have an idea, a scribble on a napkin, or even that boring plain text that needs life, I can take your idea and create a unique brand that stands out among the masses. Amongst creating marketing collateral, layouts and web images, I also illustrate and create custom hand lettering

What we can work on together?

Marketing collateral; business cards, postcards, brochures... anything that can help you promote your business, event or information.
Web images; social media pages branding to better reach your audience online.
Illustration; posters, imagery used for branding, billboards... I can create a custom drawing just for you!
Branding; logo design, full package branding strategy for your startup, sign design... you and your business need a face that people remember.

I am always open to new ideas and challenges. Even if you're not sure whether it can be done; we can most definitely find a way!

or email me hello@ashleysantoro.com


Sheridan College 
Media Fundamentals Certificate

Mohawk College
Graphic Design Digital Media Diploma

2015 GOALS (thus far)

  • Paint a large scale mural
  • Finish my 365 project "Draw or Die Trying"
  • Find THE best gluten free cookies.
  • Do commission illustration work

When i'm not at my computer...

  • I spend lots of time drooling over 90's cars
  • hanging out with my dogs Indie and Ollie
  • I'm always drawing and trying new tools and techniques.

All work shown here was created by Ashley Santoro.